Xiaomi MI Smart Band 5

Xiaomi MI Smart Band 5, Schermo 1.1″ AMOLED, Touchscreen, 

This is the new Xiaomi Smartband able to act as a pedometer, heart rate monitor, measure sleep quality and assist in 11 sport modes such as swimming (it is waterproof up to 50 meters). You can also read the notifications of calls, messages (normal and WhatsApp), and notifications from other applications (you need to download the Mi Fit application).

In the package, we find the smart band with its strap, the instruction booklet, and the cable (magnetic finally) to recharge it. Now with its 1.1-inch screen, you can view more information on the same screen such as steps, date, time, and heart rate without having to scroll to another screen.

5 training modes have been added including stationary bike, elliptical, and yoga. The new PAI mode allows you to always leave the heart rate monitor on so you can measure stress and quality of life as well as sleep quality based on breathing. The possibility of having a button on the smart band screen has also been added that allows you to take pictures

using your connected smartphone. There is no NFC in the smart band. Battery life is around 14 days.

As an owner of the Mi Band, I can say that the materials are identical to those of the previous generation (therefore plastic). The strap remains the usual one of the Mi Band, therefore in silicone, although I would have preferred one in nylon with velcro (safer and more comfortable in my opinion). They have finally implemented charging via a magnet which clips onto the bracelet, rather than having to take it off the bracelet every time.

As always there is the possibility of having infinite watch face thanks to the large community behind the Mi Band brand. Also, now on the basic watch face, there is the possibility of being able to integrate different widgets.

Present the heartbeat sensor accurately in continuous measurement, but in my opinion, the blood oxygenation is missing. I was convinced that with this version they would have implemented it since many competitors now have it. In place of the latter, they have added the stress measurement which can only be used if the 1-minute heart rate monitoring is active.

The activities monitored are: running, cycling, walking, elliptical, rowing, yoga, and swimming (it is also waterproof). When using the GPS for sports activities, it uses that of the phone, to allow it to reduce consumption and reach an autonomy of 10-12 days (with notifications and constant heart rate measurement). 


If you come from a Mi Band 4 you shouldn’t do this upgrade, due to the few upgrades (and the lack of blood saturation), but if you come from previous versions or if you are approaching the world of Smart Bands for the first time IS GREAT!

For the price paid I would say it is an excellent purchase, switching from mi band 4 to mi band 5 there are some really interesting tricks. The thing I liked the most is that of the charging cable which is magnetic and the display is a little more huge even if comparing them like the photo they can be the same instead there is a substantial difference. I gave it 4 stars for the battery life. Half of my band 4. However, I recommend the purchase to those who like to have technology with cutting-edge innovations.

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