OMERIL Luci Bicicletta LED Ricaricabili USB con Clacson

OMERIL Luci Bicicletta LED Ricaricabili USB con Clacson

OMERIL front and rear bike light are rated IP65 water-resistant, equipped with advanced waterproof and dustproof technology, it is suitable for all kinds of weather conditions, be it fog, snow or rain. OMERIL 120dB horn front bike light, has 5 sounds, long-press the horn button for about 5 seconds to adjust different sounds. Meanwhile, the wire connecting the horn can be cut without affecting the use of the front bike light. 2-3 hours of charging time, 3 hours of autonomy in high light, and 5 hours of autonomy in low light conditions. A fully charged Cut-off system ensures longer battery life (USB charging cable included).

OMERIL Bicycle Front and Rear Light Sets are specially designed to ensure your safe well and work cycling at night, light your way at night and keep you safe 360 ​​degrees.

Strong, Durable, and Lightweight

The bicycle lights are made of ABS material and the rubber bracket is waterproof, safe, strong, and durable. The front light is only 92G, rear light 40G, very light. The rubber button feels comfortable.

Simple Control Button

One-touch disassemble button, located on top of the light for easy access, press and slide the light out without removing the entire mounting bracket.


Front bike light:

· Lumen: 250LM

· 3 Lighting Modes

· Battery capacity: 1200mAh

Rear bike light:

· 5 Lighting modes

· Battery capacity: 500mAh

Package Includes

· 1 * Front Bike Light with Horn

· 1 * Rear Bike Light

· 1 * Micro cable

· 1 * Instructions

It is useless to dwell on the product specifications that have been extensively examined, I just say that the product is very good, the light is strong in all its modes of operation. The horn sounds like an alarm, deafening, but even here I think I can say that it fully fulfills its function. 

Cyclists of the night, this light will illuminate your way and will signal you well. The support provides an excellent front and rear light with the possibility to decide the type of light (intermittent, fixed, etc.). There is a USB port for charging the device. The front light has a small button that works as a horn and sounds quite loud. Waterproof and very light product. Despite being of an English brand, the product is made in china.

I highly recommend it for the quality of the light and also for the duration. Apart from being not very functional, the product is durable and always illuminates very well. I recommend it. Just remember to remove it when you park your bike to prevent them from stealing it as they did to me.

Really a great buy. Both lights left me very satisfied. They are both really bright, and the battery does not seem to decrease in intensity, after months of using them an hour a day practically every day. The assembly is almost elementary and super fast. It also guarantees good stability of the lights, which do not move, with respect to the orientation given to them.

I’ve used the light a few times and it lights up pretty well for city bike use. I would not use it to go to a forest at night but to be seen and to illuminate the road it is fine. It can be detached from the support so as not to have it stolen.

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