Leone 1947 AB705 Bendaggi

Leone 1947 AB705 Bendaggi

I purchased it as a PLUS product to avail a very competitive cost. Leone doesn’t always surprise me with the quality, especially at low prices. The product arrived earlier than expected. It was a pleasant surprise. The bandages are of excellent quality and are exactly what I expected from a brand like a Leone. They are soft and supple, I’ve been using them for a while now and I haven’t had any acrid odor issues that sports materials usually release.

Out of necessity, I wanted to stock up and take advantage of the Amazon discounts to try a pair of the legendary Leone. As the brand counts, Leone products never leave unsatisfied customers! Very useful product when you have to involve in very intense activity. Unlike those mentioned above, these are very elastic and very thin; they are worn like gloves and pamper the hand. As soon as you put on the gloves they have a little effect, but only because they are much finer and give more sensitivity to contact with the glove skin. After the activity, I washed them in a bucket with detergent, squeezed them, and put them to dry.

I couldn’t say anything negative about this product, as it matches with what is described and fully satisfies the needs of a consumer looking for a valid and inexpensive product. Excellent product provided by the Italian house at an affordable price and in line with those of other brands. Certainly no alteration from those sold in sports and/or specialized stores.

In detail, I can say that after some time they have been the most long-lived and resistant among all the others that I have bought and of other brands, despite not only their daily use was intensive, but also the repeated washing they have put to a hard test. The peculiarity is their comfortable elasticity even if, as is obvious, it gradually gets lost over time.

I can better protect the part of the knuckles and, not only that, thanks to the extra meter of the band I can make more passes. The fabric is good and not too “hard” considering that the Leone writing exploits the entire surface of the band, if the band is not soft enough it can cause discomfort in particular when passing between the fingers, many cheap brands have a harder consistency and have bothered me in the past. I also found the color interesting; it doesn’t give too much attention.

The bandages are as per description. I took them camouflage as a plus product and bought together with the gloves I was entitled to a discount. Aesthetically they are not bad. You have to take care of them and wash them every time you use them to prevent them from stinking. I recommend them if you play sports that require the use of such long bandages, while for light training cases I recommend the shorter ones that are more practical to wear.

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