Learn to analyze the non-verbal language

The effectiveness of your speeches does not depend on what you say.

Did you know that the effectiveness of our communication depends on the content for only 7%? The contents we transmit weigh only 7%, while para verbal communication (ie the tone of our voice, rhythm, speed, etc.) plays 38%. What does the remaining 55% of what we communicate depend on?

From non-verbal communication.

With body language – which includes the gestures we make, our posture, facial expressions, and much more – we play more than half of our communication. Body language is by far the most powerful form of communication. Knowing how to decipher body language correctly will allow you to “read” the minds of others and more easily interpret their thoughts and emotions.

We all send out subtle signals with the body and do so over 90% of the time unconsciously. We communicate with the body in every moment of our life, even when we sleep. So this book will help you master your body language in order to truly convey that you want to communicate, as well as fully understand the thoughts of your interlocutor.

Here’s a small preview of what you’ll find in this book:

· How to manipulate someone using body language

· Body language and romantic interest

· Understanding microexpressions

· Body language in the world of work

· How to improve your body language

We care a lot about what we say but particular attention should also be given to what we do not say and that we let pass through with our behavior, in what is called non-verbal communication. The author explains how it is even possible to manipulate the mind of others through our gestures, how our expressions can lead us to get whatever we want. You will learn how body language is important in love relationships, as well as in the world of work, to read between the lines of the boss or in the way in which to approach him or his collaborators.

A real manual of behavior to be real manipulators as well as perfect connoisseurs of the non-verbal language of others.

It is an interesting book that illustrates the various non-verbal languages ​​of the body. It is a simple book that offers the notions on what there is to know about non-verbal body language, explaining them in a simple way through examples to make the reader understand this language well. This book offers the basic concepts on everything you need to know about body language, how to interpret it, and how to use it in your favor in all communication phases. 

The examples told are very important to understand how our body really works, while the exercises proposed at the end of each chapter are useful for experimenting and making your own the secrets listed. A book that you recommend to everyone, especially the most curious!

In high school, 20 years ago, I studied at the communication high school (an experimental scientific high school) and at the first literature lesson, we faced non-verbal communication: an hour of class and 5 pages of manual. I didn’t imagine that now there were whole books and it was a pleasant surprise. The author uses clear and modern language to explain body language in different situations from romantic interest to love affairs to the world of work.

It teaches us to read the non-verbal communication of the body of others, both in work and non-work relationships, with also practical examples in order to protect us from making mistakes up to giving us useful advice to refine our non-verbal language to even manipulate others to get benefits.

I recommend the book to those who are sometimes intimidated by the “manipulators” also described in the book, in order to gain more self-confidence and reflect it externally with good body language.

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