KARAEASY 10 PCS Protective Dust Free Valve Soft

KARAEASY 10 PCS Protective Dust Free Valve Soft 

In this period where we are all desperately looking for certified masks, but at the same time cheap, I decided to try this product attracted by the advantageous price. The trademarks on the mask comply with European regulations. The certification reported is KN95 (the Chinese equivalent of FFP2) and honestly, I have no reason to doubt it because qualitatively they are good and almost identical to those bought in pharmacies for 8 Euros each. Ordered 4 days ago and they have already been delivered to me. As the title suggests, the masks conformed to what was declared. Each mask is individually packaged with a square of paper that certifies its authenticity (a lot of pollution that can be saved). The masks are comfortable, elastic nice resistant, and not wide. 

I had already bought others here on Amazon but those are no longer available and I chose these because the quality and price seemed similar to me. They are also softer than the old ones and remain stiffer on the face. The box arrived home quickly, containing 10 masks, each sealed in a plastic bag. Nothing to complain about these Kn95 FFP2 certified masks. Nowadays I’m trying them all a bit. They are made of non-woven fabric and adhere well to the face without creating unnecessary breathing discomfort. 

It is the second series that I buy because of the “hot” autumn. Assuming that the manufacture meets the requirements of this protection class, the device should ensure, in addition to the containment of exhaled particles, a high filtration of the infected air (95%) and, consequently, a very low risk of viral infection. In any case, the protection ensured by common surgical masks during inspiration is very low (20-25%) so this should protect much more. Good adherence to the face and the elastics are functional, but you must gently stretch them to prevent them from coming off. The cost of every single piece is not high as compared to bought in pharmacies.

It does not have any strange factory smell or anything else and it is immediately ready for use. It is very comfortable and to tell the truth you don’t breathe too badly. Therefore, it will certainly not be the absolute maximum of protection but it will be better than a poorly fitting surgical mask. The mask is resistant and consistent and they are excellent for children also in terms of size and portability of the mask, children carry it without problems. Compared to a standard surgical strap, the strap is thicker. 

Taking into account that with the surgical ones you protect little or nothing since with that type of mask we protect others, but not ourselves. Considering that it seems that most of the people around have forgotten the quarantine, definitely better to wear an ffp2 than a surgical one, especially for elderly people and for those who unfortunately have to go to and from hospitals.

I think whoever ships these masks is a wholesaler who buys from various companies, all Chinese. I bought the first block of 10 which is made by Yongjia Zhuole. A second block is instead of Firstdoc. In both cases sent in single envelopes, with KN95 and CE FFP2 mark. I cannot comment on the effectiveness, however comfortable and breathable. I think I will continue to buy them if European products are not available.

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