Givova Visa, Tuta Da Ginnastica Uomo

Givova Visa, Tuta Da Ginnastica Uomo

A suit for all occasions: for sport for the home and for going out in comfort but without sacrificing style. If taken at the right price you will know you have made a bargain.

The Visa Suit is a garment from the Givova collection. The elastic with zipping on the bottom of the trousers and the dynamic V-band on the chest make this garment fashionable and comfortable.

· 100% polyester

· Full-zip jacket

· Elastic on the bottom of the trousers

· Embroidered logos

I bought the Givova suit on Amazon because I had known it for some time, having bought it several times in the store. However, it can be said that this suit, compared to those previously purchased in the sports shop, is of superior quality both for the fit and for the fabric; besides, has a resistant strap in the waist that does not open even during my son’s intense physical activity. I liked it so much that I bought two of the same only in different colors. The shipment arrived before the expected delivery date, with external courier packaging and, inside, in its original cellophane envelope.

I don’t tell you what comes out if you combine it with a pair of sneakers of the same color as the tracksuit. I bought a burgundy and a green one because I had shoes in that color. Stupendous. What can I say, the value for money deserves 5 stars just that, but it’s beautiful in its own right. For me, they are the most beautiful, they have no rivals between Nike, Adidas, or Diadora. The white writing “Givova” everywhere inside and outside, on the left sleeve, on the right chest, and the left thigh. especially those written in white is a genius aesthetic. 

I knew the brand because it produces clothing for football and soccer.

The strong point of this suit is the very low price with shipping combined with an excellent quality product. At this price, it’s hard to find better.

The fabric is very light. Excellent and accurate finishes, from the seams of the pockets, to the elastics and to the comfortable zips at the ankles, which allow you to take off the pants without taking off your shoes.

Made in Italy

There is a lot of talk about giving support to Italian companies, well Givova is an Italian brand (Campania), founded in 2008 by Giovanni Acanfora, already an expert manufacturer of technical and sports clothing. The company sponsors Italian and international football, volleyball, and basketball clubs. In 2012 he also dressed the Serbian Olympic team at the London Olympics. This brand is also “inserted” in many Mediaset programs such as Big Brother. 

The Top price

This model fluctuates a lot in terms of price starting from 10-25 Euros up to 35. I recommend Prime shipping for better management in case of returns.

Watch out for sizes

The supplier provides a very useful size guide that I invite you to search for, but for my part, I would like to point out that the cut of the jacket, with abundant sleeves, means that it is always a little big (if the pants will fit right). I for example 170cm for 70kg which are a size 46, I took the S and it fits me perfectly but the sleeves are just a little wide. The suit is in 100% Polyester synthetic fabric but unlike other models of this supplier it demonstrates greater resistance to washing and the production of annoying “dots”


Attention: to ensure that it lasts unaltered over time you will have to wash it separately at 30 degrees, do not bleach it, and do not put it in the dryer also iron it upside down.

Interesting details

This suit has its own brand embroidered everywhere, this makes it unmistakable. However, it also has some hidden qualities: a zip on both ankles allows you to open the last section of the trousers and the collar can be dressed both closed like a turtleneck and open, in this case a nice Givova embroidery will appear from the collar.

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