Farabi Head Guard for Boxing

Farabi Head Guard for Boxing 

The Farabi P Grill series has been designed to protect the most important and sensitive areas. The Smart F aesthetic design offers the best protection and comfort. The three-layer Pad-X construction offers comfort and protection. The three-layer Pad-X material distributes impact and breaks the transmission over the head and face. 

The grill-P has shock-absorbing properties. Jokes. Made of high-quality carbon fiber and synthetic leather that offers protection against head injuries during training and combat. Equipped with a carbon fiber band and a Velcro closure system for greater comfort and resistance. This range of helmets features a waterproof polyurethane layer and large ventilation holes for the ears. The ventilation holes are specially designed for the ears, with additional cotton protection for improved comfort and ease of use. 

The range of synthetic leather helmets is equipped with extra padding on the cheeks to protect the face from strong impacts. This helmet is ultralight, it does not disturb head movements or visibility, offering a perfect viewing angle for a quick response. It has the ability to resist shocks and absorb shocks.

Great helmet for those who do boxing / Thai and/or similar. Well done. Comfortable. I took an M having a circumference of 57. It is possible to fit the various velcro straps supplied with it quite well. Satisfied with my use as a novice. Excellent for quality/price ratio.

The helmet used with the grid provides full face protection while still offering a good view of the opponent. Without the removable grille, the helmet allows for further visibility but less protection. I found the internal padding in contact with the face to be excellent, it guarantees softness despite the fact that the helmet compresses the whole face thanks to the rear velcro closure.

I have always bought the same item from another brand. I tried this for the price. Quite a good product. The fit is correct, the seams well done and so is the padding. The plastic mask is simple but looks tough. Now all that remains is to try them, I have already bought 3 for now. Even if purchased through prime it takes a couple of days and it’s worth buying it.

I bought one for my son also. He is happy with the purchase, he is almost 6 years old and it is slightly big for his head, but with the various velcro straps, it tightens enough to be able to be close enough to the diameter of his skull. The mask is very useful because it avoids getting punched on the nose or mouth, and my son, not even 6 years old and practicing Thai boxing for 2 years, is obviously never too happy to get punched directly in the face. 


  • Excellent protection, especially for the face, I was a little worried about the blows on the nose and eyes but with this, I am perfectly safe (even if my “opponents” have threatened to put their fingers in my eyes)
  • Perfect visibility, very better than grid helmets
  • Light and comfortable to wear
  • Cheap but well made

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