Corda per Saltare, Blukar Speed Corda di Salto

Corda per Saltare, Blukar Speed Corda di Salto Regolabile con la Maniglia di Schiuma di Memoria

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· Sturdy Steel Skipping Rope: Blukar skipping rope is made of high-quality steel wire and covered with a durable PVC outer material, even after a long period of exercise, it can be durable. 

· Easily Adjustable Rope: The length of the rope is 2.8m. Its adjustable length design allows you to customize the length according to your needs, make it suitable for people of all ages and all skill levels. Besides, we also provide you with an extra pair of adjustable buckles!

· High-Quality Ball Bearings: The jump rope has high-quality built-in ball bearings to ensure the rope rotates quickly and smoothly without tangling or tangling. Treat yourself well, perform gentle jumping exercises, and maximize safety during your workout.

· Comfortable Non-Slip Grip: The ergonomic handle features a soft non-slip memory foam that offers a perfect grip and a more comfortable feel.

· Easy to Carry: Our jump rope is small and can be carried easily. It helps you to strengthen your health anytime, anywhere, burn calories to reduce weight, and increase stamina. It is your good companion for aerobic exercise at home or in the gym.

I received my skipping rope today and have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. The price was extremely good but the quality is superb. 

 I got into skipping during the lockdown and after receiving a free skipping rope with a hula hoop I purchased (another cheap way to exercise during the lockdown). The skipping rope snapped a few days ago so I decided to replace it as I enjoy using it and purchased this one.

I found myself in my hand a product, certainly cheap, but: well packaged (disposable transparent bag, in turn, inserted in the more robust zipped semi-transparent bag, plastic caps for cutting the rope to size and multilingual folding manual with Italian version ) with comfortable knobs and equipped with bearings for the correct roll of the rope in exercise. If you are a professional boxer, opt for more expensive products, but for general uses, I see no reason to advise against this ultra-cheap product.

The rope is of professional quality. It is an amazing buy. There is ample space inside the handles, so if people of different height are using the skipping rope you don’t have to cut it, simply adjust and the length and hide the outstanding in the handle itself. 

If you’re looking for a skipping rope then buy this one as you won’t be disappointed. As far as I’m concerned this rope is passed with flying colors!

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