Beast Gear, paradenti per boxe

Beast Gear, paradenti per boxe

· WHY you need the Beast mouthguard – you need to be protected from all the blows, bumps, and impacts you will be subjected to when you train at your best, whether it’s MMA, rugby, judo, boxing, kickboxing, karate, hockey or lacrosse.

· WHAT the Beast mouthguard offers you – it offers unbeatable protection for your gums and mouth – so you can focus on performing to your full potential. The Beast mouth and teeth guard uses “Self-mold” technology which means it has a custom molding/fit!

· WHO needs the Beast mouthguard – for anyone who needs extra protection for their mouth, gums, and jaws – martial arts and American football practitioners, boxers, rugby players, taekwondo, and jiu-jitsu players.

· HOW the Beast Mouth Guard works – fits securely in your mouth to protect your teeth and gums, using our ‘Custom Molding’ / ‘Self-mold’ technology fits your mouthguard at home in seconds for personalized protection. Comes with a FREE sterile pouch so you can keep the Beast mouthguard clean and safely for life-long protection.

· OUR PROMISE – We only use the highest quality materials. Unlike other brands, the Beast mouthguard is sturdy, latex-free, and can withstand the high impacts of your sport.


Beast Gear’s mouthguard and gum guard is the number one mouth/gum protection for contact sports. Protecting your teeth and gums is vital – to take positive action immediately using the Beast Mouthguard.

We designed the Beast mouthguard for great shock absorption – and unlike other mouthguards, which move in the mouth – the Beast mouthguard fits snugly around YOUR teeth because you can fit it in seconds at home.

Beast Gear Labs’ Self-Molding / Custom Modeling Technology

With complete instructions, the Beast mouthguard is easy to mold to YOUR dental profile. And even better – if the shape of your teeth changes over time, you can always reshape it! Easy to carry and protect with the FREE case – just clean the mouthguard after use, store it in the case and take it anywhere!


In summary, the Beast custom mouthguard is the perfect mouthguard and gums, made of indestructible and latex-free materials that offer extraordinary shock-absorbing protection and a hygienic case.

I want to mention here that I have been suffering from bruxism for a long time (teeth grinding during the night) for more than 3 years I used a bite (of an IMPORTANT brand) bought at the pharmacy. I still remember the pains the first few days after shaping the gums have been bleeding for more than a month. Over time the bite has worn out so I finally bought this, under the advice of a friend who uses it to play to Rugby (not knowing if it was suitable for sleeping. Anyway I took a risk given the very low price). As soon as I got home I modeled it with extreme ease, by heating a little water in the microwave and dipping it, FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTIONS IN THE MANUAL. Once “put on”, after modeling, I realized I had purchased a COMFORTABLE PRODUCT, COMFORTABLE AND QUALITY !!! What else to say, I have been using it for a month and my gums have not shown any signs of redness or bleeding. Finally, I recommend cleaning it every time you use it and take it off! I also soak it 4 times a week in a glass with tap water and disinfectant tablets for dental appliances.

Excellent product for shape, size, and quality of materials. I made a mistake with the water temperatures causing pimples on the outside, it was my fault. However, the mouthguard does not give any problems it remains fixed on the arch of the teeth and does not bother while I speak.

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